Our Mission Statement

"To provide a unique and memorable experience for our customers through giving them the highest quality carriage service, tailored to their individual wants and needs."

Since 1999, Robert & Marianne Traves and their "Travealy Horsedrawn Carriages" have provided a service for weddings, functions and events.

As we are a Family Business, we like to feel that our family deals directly with your family. There is not a middleman to increase price or come between us, giving the customer the best possible service. We operate on a local and regional level, and are in direct contact with our potential clients.

Our customers want a romantic, traditional atmosphere with a unique experience they can cherish for a lifetime.

They want individual requirements to be catered for.

They want unparalleled presentation and service standards from our staff and carriages. Safety is always a priority.

We work together with our customers and their photographer to ensure they get the photos they require.

Our prices are highly competitive.
Customers want an all-inclusive price with no added surprises.

Restricted Hire Car Service Accreditation A.C.T. No:- RHC096
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