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Horse Drawn Carriages & Your Wedding:

Some points to consider:

Distance to each venue.

Ideally we suggest a distance of six kilometers to the venue. This negotiable but extra time will be necessary for longer distances.


Steep inclines are to be avoided or travelled around. This may require extra time and needs to be considered for travel between the venues.

The time for the wedding.

In order to acheive the maximum effect with lighting for your photographs, especially in the cooler months, it may be necessary to arrange the wedding for an earlier time in the day. Speak to us before deciding on the time of the wedding service (if possible).


Perhaps you would like your wedding theme decorated on the carriage. This can be arranged.

* All weather carriages for your comfort.

* Special memories of your wedding day are yours when you use our wedding carriages.

* More Information? Contact US! We aim to please!!!!

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